by Elizabeth Egloff


This is the story of a Sleeping Woman.
Perhaps she has been sleeping, or half asleep, her whole life.
Perhaps she feels safe when she sleeps.
Perhaps, until now, she has forgotten her dreams.

One night a swan batters himself against her window
And she wakes...

We Know this story. Usually it begins with "Once upon a time..." but the heroine is usually worn down and beaten by life. She is not usually defensive and angry and grieving. She is not usually bereft of hope.

This is the story of a Swan.
Perhaps he has flown all his life to find her, his mate.
Perhapshe sees her more clearly than she sees herself. Perhaps.

Cast: Richard Bligh, Rohan Jones and Jane Nolan

Director - Fiona Blair

Performed: The Old Pavilion, Lake Daylesford, 1999