Now the fact of the matter is that the boat and all of the men of the town went down -
Tell it how you want, it's a bleak black story
that always ends in the deep dark depths of the ocean
and in a woman's tears.

'There's Ghosts all around here you know.
Black fellas white fellas.
Black as the night white as the sand.
They're looking for the ones they lost.
They stand on the shore looking out to sea
waiting for the ships that never come.
Black fellas white fellas.
I can feel them all around me rustling in the darkness...'

When the women of the town find and hide a Selkie's skin, they demand a gift in exchange, the return of their drowned mensfolk.
He gives them one night, and demands a Bride for that time.

And there was a young girl who came willingly.
She has no father or mother, no sister, brither, husband or lover.
She promised to be his.

With: LeRoy Parsons and Lou Bennett
and community cast and musicians from each location

Directed and written - Fiona Blair
Lighting Design - Rob Irwin
Music Direction- David Hewitt/Bagryana Popov/Tracy Bourne
Original Score - David Hewitt
Choreography (Mildura) - Jacob Boehme
Film Elements (Portland) - Arianna Bosi
Sculpture (Midura) - Darryl Cordell

Performed: Pivot Beach (Portland) 2005, Ritchie Point (Warrnambool) 2008
and Perry Sandhills (Mildura) 2008