It was a really hot day when they met;
It's always hot that time of year, always;
and the air gets so thick with dust you think you're gunna suffocate.
The truck arrived and they hoisted up the roller doors so the packers could unload the oranges. And it was all fine.

A bit of shit stirin', but nothing really heavy.
Then that kid Tybalt showed up and picked a fight. . and pretty soon everyone's dug in; bitin', kickin', punchin'- then the cops come, and everyone backed off a bit.
But you knew that wasn't the end of it. yeah, it's always hot that time of year. always.

and that's the day they met.

With: Steve Adams, Harvey Biggs, Chris Celegon, Marco Chiappi, Alison Ingram, Sophe Kelly, LeRoy Parsons, Peter Peterson, RIchard Pyros, Jamahn Sailor - Harvey, Tarina Sailor-Harvey, Joan Taylor, Peter Tickle

Director - Fiona Blair
Lighting Design - Rob Irwin
Film - Arianna Bosi
Image Gatherer - Michael Schoell
Fight Director - Nigel Poulton
Didgeridoo - Ron Murray

Performed: Aurora Packing Shed, Merbein 2005