Molly Sweeney by Brian Friel

This is a story about sight and about blindness;

Molly Sweeney is going to have her sight restored.
Molly Sweeney is blind,
but she is only limited by those who see her as blind; her possibilities are endless.
Because to meet Molly Sweeney, is to enter into a world of constant wonder:
a world she inhabits, a world she contains,
with a connection so intimate, so joyful, so complete, that for her, there are no boundaries.

So … what does is mean to be blind?

Molly Sweeney is almost a parable in its simplicity, and yet the complexities of motivation and relationship that drive the characters, form the heart of the play.

The play tells Molly's story through monologues by three characters, Molly, her husband Frank, and her surgeon, Mr Rice.

It will be performed by Jane Nolan, Richard Bligh and Michael Treloar, directed by Fiona Blair, with lighting design by Danny Pettingill.

The Old Van’s production is quietly overwhelming: beautiful, stark, moving and visually stripped back, with a lighting design that only enhances the intensity of the performances.

Molly Sweeney was written by Brian Friel, one of Ireland’s most important and beloved writers. His work includes Faith Healer, Dancing at Lughnasa, Philadelphia Here I Come, Living Quarters, Lovers, Making History and The Freedom of the City. Friel is one of Ireland’s most important and beloved writers.

With Jane Nolan, Richard Bligh, and Michael Treloar

Director - Fiona Blair
Lighting Design - Danny Pettingill

This production of Molly Sweeney is on the VCE Drama and Theatre Studies 2013 Playlists.
Performed: Castlemaine 2011 and Mebourne 2013

'... this production is remarkable for the clarity and insight of the performances. Jane Nolan's Molly has an almost saintly radiance...poised and nuanced performances'
The Age 20/08/13 Cameron Woodhead ****

'Jane Nolan [is] exceptional, astonishing in the role of Molly Sweeney
Michael Cathcart ABC Radio National Books and Arts