A Midsummer Night's Dreaming. Mildura. 1956.
By William Shakespeare.

It's what happens when your Father tells you -looking down the barrel of a shotgun and in front of all his friends- that you've got to marry some guy he's got picked out for you, or become a Nun!
Some guy your best friend used to go out with.
Some guy who ISN'T your boyfriend!

It's what happens when your boyfriend grabs his Dad's Ute so you can run away together,
but doesn't check whether there's any petrol in the tank, and then acts like it's YOUR fault when it conks out!

It's what happens when you're lost in the Bush in the middle of a Flood, being followed by that guy there's no way you're going to marry - and your best friend who still has a crush on him - have a fight with your boyfriend who leaves you ALL ALONE with Snakes and Spiders and Sounds and Spirits... And you're so tired you lie down.
So tired you sleep.
So tired you dream.
It IS just a Dream......isn't it?

Starring a Shotgun, a Dirt Track, a couple of Utes, a Fergie Tractor, a River, a Flood, a small Boat, an old Swimming Pool, a Golf Course, a Clubhouse, a Search Party, some Digereedoos, a group of Dancers, a troup of Actors and a few Oldtimers propping up a Bar....

With Harvey Biggs Richard Bligh, Tammy Clarkson, Narelle Graham, Ryan Kerr,
Sam Kerr, Jacqueline Lincoln, The Latje Dancers, Ron Murray, Jane Nolan,
LeRoy Parsons, Peter Peterson, Ben Rizzuto, Isaac Schmit, TRACS,
Catherine Wilton, Julia Zemiro

Directed and Adapted by Fiona Blair
Lighting by Rob Irwin

Performed: The Riverside Golf Club, Mildura 2003 and 2004