Inside an old farm building, a German immigrant woman is singing to a child the songs of Schumann, of her homeland.

She hears the sounds of strange whisperings in a language that is foreign to her: handfuls of pebbles scattering off the tin roof, footsteps running in the darkness and the building throb of didgeridoo. Very gradually we come to realise that the child she sings to, is not her own, nor a foundling, but a child her husband has fathered on one of the nameless women outside and taken from her.
The child she holds is a result of rape, and the woman keening outside is its mother.

From inside and outside the building, the story is told from both mothers’ perspectives.

I saw you come in that night, with blood on your hands.
You looked at me and your face was hard and grey.
I though you would hit me, you looked so angry.
I couldn’t speak.
So I waited.
I heard you washing your hands in the bucket out the back.
I could hear the sound of your hands scrubbing against the wire brush.
That man was her husband.
He was trying to protect her

Cast: Jade Bellamy; Tracy Bourne; Billie Brims; Kristy Brims; Sheree Caldow; Aunty Kayleen Campbell; Letictia Carr; Eli Clark; Enoch Clark; Gloria Clark; Aunty Elise Clarke; Jemmes Clarke; Katrina Dodan; Gorja Dowdy; Aunty Jemmas Handy; Aunty Lorna Horvath; Ivan Johnson; Sharni Carpany. Tylah Kelly; Harley Kirby; James Kirby; Joe Koroi; Netani Koroi; Aunty Mary Ann Marton; Shirley O'Donnell; LeRoy Parsons; Peter Peterson; Belinda Philip; Simone Philip; Beltana Thomas; Aunty Peggy Thomas; Taya Thomas; Zakiya Thomas.

Musicians: Sid Clark; Ben Kiley; Ron Murray

Authors: European Story - Tracy Bourne
Indigenous Story - The Cast

Director - Fiona Blair
Lighting Design - Rob Irwin
Choreography - Jacob Boehme

Performed: Old Mildura Homestead 2009