...Nothing can stop this man

not the pipes and drums of the Daylesford Highland Band
not four thousand free range chickens from Heywood
not the left handed cricket team of Korweingeboora
not a mob of 15 senior citizens on motor scooters
not the City of Bendigo Brass Band
not the Van Trapp Family Singers
not The Daylesford Circus Group
not the kids from CreateAbility
not the Bendigo Girl Guides
not the Ballan Golf Club

not even a flat tyre

...but they will all try.

Ben Grant - Don
Terry Camilleri - Sancho Panza
Julia Zemiro - Dulcie
LeRoy Parsons - Don Dingo
Peter Peterson - The Other Sancho
Jamahn Sailor and Tahrina Salior as themselves
Michael Treloar - A Critic
and a cast of thousands

Featuring a Drive- in, a film. a band and a red Ute.

Director - Fiona Blair
Lighting Design - Rob Irwin
Film - Arianna Bosi
Music - David Hewitt
Image Gatherer - Michael Schoell

Performed: Bendigo, Daylesford and Heywood 2007

Photos by Peter Castaldi