The trouble started when I shagged Charlene, then Marlene Darlene,
Carol, Debbie, Wendy, Cheree, Beryl, Julie, Suzie, Kylie, Cheryl,

It’s just your typical boy shags girl, gets hitched, sings hits, gets nicked,
burgs truck, does crime, does time, asks why, does a runner, backs a winner,
saves a sinner…
It’s a comuthrcriromp – a comedy musical thriller crime romance.

Chantelle Shapelle Narelle Yvonne, Sharon Karen Denise Megan Melissa.

The Bludgers Opera, set in Australia in the avaricious ‘80s, when the little guy learnt that corruption began at the top and was just as healthy at the bottom.

With Richard Bligh, Luke Elliot and some of Shepperton's finest...

Director - Fiona Blair
Lighting Design - Rob Irwin
Film elements- Arianna Bosi

Performed: Shepparton, Kialla Paceways 2006